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Our experience in the service industry dates back 40+ yyyyyyears performing pipeline mechanical modifications nationwide. We learned from an aging, tough, active, and intense industry that proves to be unforgiving of mistakes and malfunctions. We are a company that strives to provide expert mechanical wisdom, machines, equipment and skills that your company requires to compete in the 21st century. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-279-5659 regarding any questions about your upcoming job, our machines, equipment and we will gladly help guide you to success. This is why our company exists and started developing lightweight, simple, dependable machinery for critical projects in the mechanical industry. We guarantee our advise, machines and equipment will push beyond what is expected and is the philosophy on which our company was founded on. Our machines, equipment and pipeline products are backed by a limited warranty and will perform in unpredictable situations as our 37+ years experience proves.  Thank you and we look forward to helping you soon...

Jeff Maichel
Founder and President New Expanded Location