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Carry-Along Single-Gas DetectorsCarry-Along Single-Gas DetectorsCarry-Along Single-Gas Detectors

Carry-Along Single-Gas Detectors

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Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter
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Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter Don’t be fooled by their size—these compact, portable units can detect hazardous gases in seconds. They have a digital readout and an audible warning signal with a rating of 85 dB. All have a high-intensity LED light that brightens when the audible alarm sounds. A calibration check must be performed on the detector before each use to verify that it is working properly. Calibration test kits for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide detectors are sold separately. Temperature range is -4° to +122° F. For use in Class 1, size is 4" Lg.× 2" Wd.× 1" Ht. Detectors, with non-replaceable batteries, should be thrown away after their two-year lifespan expires. All have a vibration alarm and operate on one non-replaceable lithium battery (included). Size is 3" Lg.× 2" Wd.× 1" Ht. Calibration test kits are sold separately, and maintain the accuracy of the detectors. They include a cylinder of gas, regulator, tubing and carrying case.


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