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432 All Stainless Steel Tapping Saddle432 All Stainless Steel Tapping Saddle432 All Stainless Steel Tapping Saddle

4" x X" Outlet 432 All Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeve up to 24" Pipe

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Width: 15.0000IN
Product Weight: 38.0000LB
The true tapping sleeve design of this sleeve incorporates replaceable, self-aligning bolts, which facilitate conversion of high bolt torques to high gasket pressure. (Can be torqued to 125 ft. lbs) This increases gasket sealing pressure and pressure holding capability.
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2-3 Weeks Manufacturing Time


EXTRA BOLTING POWER...The true tapping sleeve design of this sleeve incorporates replaceable, self-aligning bolts, which facilitate conversion of high bolt torques to high gasket pressure. (Can be torqued to 125 ft. lbs) This increases gasket sealing pressure and pressure holding capability.

FULL CIRCUMFERENTIAL SEAL...The extra bolting power assures the gasket will seal the full circumference of the pipe. This provides insurance against beam breaks in size on size taps. Molded-in recessed bridge plate, assures even gasket pressure throughout the range of the sleeve.

STRONGER YET LIGHTER THAN CAST SLEEVES...Extra strength eliminates possible cracking of the sleeve or flange. Reduced weight speeds installation and reduces the load placed on the pipe.

EXTRA WIDE FOR SUPPORT AND STABILITY...Extra width, and heavier neck and body material, provide extra reinforcement of the outlet and extra stability during the tapping process.

Material Specifications:

Body: Stainless Steel, 18-8 Type 304 432
Flange: CF8 Cast Stainless Steel - equivalent to 18-8 Type 304 Stainless Steel. ANSI 150lb. Drilling, recessed for tapping valve per MSS-SP 60.
Bolts: Stainless Steel, Type 304 Branch
Outlet: Heavy Stainless Steel Pipe
Gasket: Full circumferential gasket compounded for water, salt solutions, mild acids, bases, and sewage use
Outlet Construction: For proper strength, support, and rigidity for the valve, drilling machine operation, and load forces; the outlet construction shall be minimum of.
: Schedule 10 Stainless Steel pipe sized to accept full size cutter.
Flange: CF8 Cast Stainless Steel or an equivalent 304 Stainless Steel. Flange outlets shall be indexed per MSS-SP60 to accept tapping valve.
Bolting System: The lugs shall have a pass-through bolt design, to avoid alignment problems and allow tightening from either side of the pipe. Bolts shall not be integrally welded to the sleeve.
Lug: Of triangular design with a maximum of 3" bolt center spacing.
Bolts, Nuts & Washers: 304 Stainless Steel; the bolts shall be the track head type and will be furnished with permanently lubricated heavy-hex nuts and stainless washers.
Steel bridge plates will be molded flush into the gasket and will have a raised hydro-mechanical outlet seal to seal against line surges and water hammer.

Outlet Half (load bearing half) Gauge Outlet Size Length
Sleeve Sizes 0450 through 1392, Outlet sizes 2" - 8" 12 gauge Stainless Steel 2" - 6" 15"
Sleeve Sizes 1075 through 1392, Outlet sizes 10" and 12" 10 gauge Stainless Steel 8" 21"
Sleeve Sizes 1420 and larger, all outlets 10 gauge Stainless Steel 10" 27"
Back Half (conforming half)
14 gauge Stainless Steel 12" 30"

Tapping sleeve shall be fabricated from 304 Stainless Steel or its equivalent, CF8 Cast Stainless Steel. They shall have a pass through bolt design and provide 360o seal around the pipe. The 432 is fully passivated to return the stainless steel to its highest corrosion resistance. Sleeves shall be manufactured to meet the following minimum specifications.

Service Saddle Installation Instructions

1. Determine O.D. of Pipe.
2. Specify sleeve number EXAMPLE and outlet size. For A/C pipe with 14.20 O.D. with 6" outlet
3. Select proper Sleeve O.D. For stainless steel flange order: 432-1420 x 6 range. For carbon steel flange order: 462-1420 X 6
4. Add your size tapping saddle to our shopping cart and use a credit card at checkout.

-Thoroughly clean pipe surface. Check the size and range of the tapping sleeve to verify correct size product.
- Check surface of pipe where tapping sleeve will be installed to make certain pipe is free of flaws, gouges and extreme irregularities.
-Lubricate pipe and face of gaskets with water or soap-water. Do not use grease or pipe lubricant.
-Position back half of body over tapered gasket edges, extending from outlet half of body, and install bolts. NOTE: For nominal pipe sizes 10" and larger an additional set of washers has been provided. To assure ease of installation, and to obtain optimum bolt torque levels, install a double set of washers under each nut.
-Make certain the tapered edges of the gaskets are smooth.
-Tighten outside bolts first, working toward the center. Tighten both top and bottom bolts evenly. Alternate from one side of sleeve to the other. Tighten to the following torque levels:

Rigid pipe (DI, CI, A/C, Steel), C-900/905 PVC

4" - 8" Nominal Pipe Sizes, 10" Size 4" - 8" outlets 85 ft. lbs. minimum -125 ft. lbs. maximum
10 x 10 Sizes and Larger Nominal Pipe Sizes 100 ft. lbs. minimum -125 ft. lbs. maximum
Thin wall, flexible, class PVC (SDR 21, 26) pipe 50 ft. lbs. minimum -55 ft. lbs. maximum

Check inside of sleeve neck to make certain gasket is properly seated and not protruding where tapping cutter may damage it.

Install tapping valve. Adherence to the AWWA M-44 Manual for proper valve installation, support and trenching is recommended.

Test assembly seals with water (per AWWA C-223) using test plug provided on sleeve or test connection on tapping machine. Note: No more than 10% above line pressure unless approved by system owner/operator, maximum pipe working pressure, or maximum sleeve test pressure of 200 PSI.

When assured that all seals are tight and test is completed, re-check bolt torques after 15 minutes and proceed with tapping operation.

Note: Size on size tapping cutter must not be larger than recommended by pipe manufacturer.
?? Also, tapping operation must not force the pipe away from the gasket seal.
Note: For care of stainless steel bolts and nuts, see reverse side.


This quality fitting is equipped with 18-8 stainless steel bolts and nuts for superior corrosion resistance.

The galling and freezing action is often triggered by the presence of metal chips, burrs, and grains of sand on the threads of the bolts and nuts.

Extra care has been taken prior to the assembly, and the packing of this fitting; to assure a trouble-free installation.

  1. The nuts and bolts are made from material of different hardness so that they have different strengths.
  2. The nuts are coated with a special (antiseize) coating.
  3. Each nut is assembled by hand to be sure that it went on the bolt freely.
  4. The bolts and nuts are handled carefully to avoid damage to the threads.
  5. The bolts and nuts are made to exacting specifications to assure that the correct material is used and that the thread form is correct.

However, it must be pointed out that during field installation, the threads MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AND FREE FROM NICKS.

When a mild steel or bronze bolt is used, the low ultimate strength of the material allows the nut to tear itself free.

Not so with 18-8 Stainless Steel. The ultimate strength of the material is so great, that it increases rapidly with cold work. However, once foreign matter such as a grain of sand wedges the threads, or the thread form is altered by over-torquing, the nuts cannot be removed.

The specially coated nuts are supplied to help eliminate the galling caused by over-torquing; but the bolts must be kept clean and not pitched or thrown into the tool bucket during installation. Should additional lubrication be required, a Molybdenum-Base lubricant is recommended.

NOTE: Installation of this fitting with a pneumatic wrench may cause seizure of the nut. A Master Wrench or 905 Torque Wrench with a "Deep Socket" is recommended.


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